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I started doing giveaways on this site about a year ago, and haven’t stopped since.

I love sweepstakes because it’s a way to give back to you, the readers. I try to do one every month, and have so far given away over $2,000!


This month, we are giving away a gift card!

Can you believe 2022 is coming to a close? To celebrate the holidays and ring in 2023 right, we are doing our biggest gift card giveaway ever.

Whether you need to do a little post-holiday shopping, or buy supplies for your next side hustle or business, this gift card can help you balance your budget to start the New Year right!

Whether you’re a brand new reader or you’ve been around awhile, I hope this giveaway will inspire you to take control of your finances. And one lucky winner will get a gift card to get a head start!

Helping You Make More Money

If you’re new here at Wealthy Nickel, I mainly talk about:

  • side hustles
  • entrepreneurship
  • real estate
  • and other ways to make and save money

My hope is to help you get your side hustle idea off the ground, whether that’s a bookkeeping side hustle (my favorite idea for 2022), or making money by flipping on eBay, or one of the many other ways to make money from home.

My own family has been blessed through our own side hustles to make an extra $50k or more per year! You can read more detail in our extra income reports.

While it took us quite awhile to build our income to that level, I think it’s possible for ANYONE to make an extra $500 per month or more with skills you already have. 

Imagine what an extra $500 would do for you or your family:

  • Pay off debt
  • Travel more
  • Save for retirement
  • Add to your kids’ college funds

If you’re a regular reader, thank you for your continued support. Every affiliate link you’ve clicked to try something new, every ad you scroll past, every comment you leave, or Tweet, or share on Facebook lets me bring you more giveaways.