Why do people like to do government jobs?

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Today people are getting drunk for a government job in such a way that once they get a government job, they will get Kaivalya (Highest Knowledge / Highest Realisation).[AddAdsenseCodeHere]

So far, 2 crore 80 lakh people have applied for the recruitment of Railway D Group recently. This data is showing both the unemployment situation in India and the fascination of government jobs.

However, this situation was not always like this. My grandfather says that there was a time that there were vacancies in government departments. There were not enough educated people to fill them. Used to understand. My grandfather himself passed 11th and became a government teacher.

Today, the educated young population is very large, but jobs have not been created in the same proportion.

Well come to the question. People have so many reasons for being so pampered for sarkari jobs. Some positives and some negatives.


Positive reasons

  • Through government jobs, people have a direct experience of working for the country and society.
  • People see problems around them. They can become a part of the government and become part of the solution to these problems.
  • Government jobs provide prestige in society. It is an established truth that man does not want to work only for money, he also needs prestige.
  • Whatever your rights as an employee are all ensured in a government job. Such as appropriate salary, fixed hours of work, adequate leave, insurance facility, timely promotion and job security.
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Negative reasons-

  • Some artists and experienced sportsmen consider sarkari naukri as a means of earning and earning.
  • It is a common belief that there is not much work to do in government jobs, so the greed of salary without work draws people here.
  • An opportunity to bully the four people of the society. ‘ My Son is in the Transport Department. There is no question of money ‘.
  • Finally, good relations between government jobs and marriage are directly proportional. In simple words, good job, good job .

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